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The Durham County Poets are five guys from the Chateauguay Valley who have played and do play in blues bands, gospel groups, Cajun, vaudeville, folk, rock and even yes dare I say, country bands. In listening to their own material you get a mix of sounds and stories, influences and genres that is uniquely their own. Some of their songs had been lying dormant for over a decade, others are newborn. A collective blend of styles from Dan Hicks to James Taylor, the Band to Leon Redbone, there's is a melting pot full of inspired tunes to enjoy. 



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JOIN US ON THE 1ST EVER CHIKKABOODAH BUS RIDE... So here is whats up,,,but we need your help,,,tell us if your on board. Saturday August 9th we have a show at the blacksheep Inn. An amazing venue in the lovely town of Wakefield Qc near Ottawa. A 3 hour and 15 minute drive. We charter a school bus (not the one in the picture above),,,picking up 48 folks from 3 locations in the Chateauguay Valley. 1. IGA in Ormstown. 2. Georgetown Church in Howick and 3. Zellers parking lot in Chateauguay You can come to our show at the ultra low cost of $20.00 for the bus and $10.00 for the show. That's only $30.00 total for a summer evening of fun n frolicking. So far we have 16 people confirmed. That leaves 32 spots to fill. The catch is ,in order for this to fly we need first of all, to fill the entire bus with all 48 paid seats and all the reservations ''confirmed'' and paid by July 18th! SO WHAT DO YOU SAY? Contact us on Facebook (see above app) and confirm. Or call Kevin at 450 957 8866. Peace, and hope to here from you soon. Please tell your friends and family.

The winding road of the Poets 
I had never seen the Durham Country Poets before their 5 à 7 CD launch at Divan Orange, though when I received the invitation for the launch, I listened to a few tracks and was instantly intrigued. When I arrived, the venue was full of enthusiastic fans for the time of day, and I immediately saw the reasons for their excitement. The Durham County Poets are talented musicians, and their compelling performance of songs from their new release Chikkaboodah Stew had folks up on the dance floor before it was seven in the evening.
The Durham County Poets are a Quebec band the Chateauguay Valley, whose new album features an eclectic blend of folk, blues, rock and even gospel. A good example of the mix of styles comes midway through the CD, when the haunting country rock tune “Wayside” is followed by the more folk-gospel feel of “I’ve got a Friend.” The lyrics of “Wayside” talk about the people we pass by or forget in our world, asking poignantly, ‘’I just don’t understand folks these days/ Can’t somebody help him on his way?’’ Many of the songs deal with issues of lost love and the uncertain directions we ponder in life, and the lyrics of each song suit its music and mood. The bluesy feel of “Long Way to Go” is a good example, fitting well with its lyrics on life’s journey: ‘’Well I know where I want to be/ And you don’t get there easily/ It’s an uphill winding road.’’ The song builds to an almost gospel call towards the end.
While many of the songs on the CD delve into serious themes, there are lighter toe-tapping songs as well such as the title track and the song “Mama,” which is an uptempo tune about not having the money to pay rent. I even noted a klezmer feel to one song, “Glow On,” with the appearance of a clarinet. These are examples of the varied styles I mentioned earlier. The songs on the album are all composed by the band, and much of the energy I saw in their live performance is captured in their recordings.
The Poets are: Dave Whyte (guitars); Carl Rufh (upright bass); Neil Elsmore (guitars); Jim Preimel (percussion); and Kevin Harvey (vocals).
Check out DurhamCountyPoets.com or find them on Facebook. Their music may be purchased online at independent music retailer CD Baby.
Jeffrey Mackie is a poet living in Montreal. He also does a regular literary feature on CKUT radio.

Great venue in Ottawa, love the poster. Click on it to get some info about the place or just head to our gigs calendar.



We're piling into the Vanaction and heading to TO!

Thanks to Kevin Baker and his video camera for capturing this footage of All day rain. Folk fest was awesome.

August 9th at the Black Sheep Inn


Why not get on our chartered bus and enjoy not having to contemplate driving there and back?

Chateaugay Town Hall Theater


Looking forward to this gig in August. Click on the photo for info.

A live studio performance just for television.