We had the honor and privilege to be the very first band to grace the stage at the first annual NeelyG festival in New Brunswick, Canada. With the likes of Stephen Fearing, James Keelaghan and many other Canadian Folk icons. A truly amazing experience for us. Here we are on the main stage performing Field of Briars, a track from our debut release, Where the River Flows. 

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Yes, it's that time of year again when things seem to die down for us show wise and pickup rehearsal wise. Our last scheduled show is at Grumpy's on Bishop street. A place Kevin and I played back in the Bolweevil days with the late, great Donnie Meizner (he's dearly missed). After that we're on the loose with prepping for our next musical adventure which will be an EP. Essentially in today's lingo, a 6 or 7 song album or CD or whatever you want to call it. A prelude to another 12 song soul-folk album also in the making.
Hold onto your hats ladies and gents because we're pulling out the horns here. Trombone, saxaphone, some harmonica and maybe, just maybe a cymbal for Jim! Who knows. So, yes...as Monty Python said it, 'And Now For Something Completely Different'. Stay tuned.


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Our new album 'Chikkaboodah stew' is available for download. You can preview some of the tracks here on our site player or go to SoundCloud.

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